Creating an adventurous story from scratch, and capturing it in both film and photography requires a team unlike any other. The missions these four men undertake and the equipment they bring while being lean enough to hike up a volcano require next-level synergy. Together with an endless amount of energy, humor while keeping an eye out for each other to keep things safe is what you get when you bring these for men together.



A world class athlete with a great spirit that gets things done! With a Dutch sentence “Ik hoor niets geks” often heard, the team is always motivated by his positive mindset and ‘putting words into action’ mentality. Driven by enthusiasm, undermining his own anxieties he sometimes needs to be held back by the team. Beyond the fearless and positive mindset Roderick is also an entrepreneur often seen in the media. By updating his fanbase about every move he makes, Roderick is just the perfect guy for a project that deserves attention and where boundaries and fears are still to be found and overcome.


A creative mind seeking adventure. Where the road towards the goal, is just as important as the goal itself. Challenging himself as a photographer and mountaineer, Rein has what it takes to make the perfect shot. With nature forcing him to quickly adapt, there is always a thin line between failure and success, sometimes pressuring him to make decisions in the blink of an eye. Apart from focussing on his picture he is the carer of the group making sure everyone is safe and well prepared for every type of adventure ahead of us, a role that comes naturally. Whether it means saving you from a deep crevasse or feeding you self baked brownies for positive energy, Rein has got your back!


Rein taking the perfect picture of Roderick kitesurfing an ecologically pressured landscape is the main goal of every Last Line adventure. By showing the story through these images  the viewer is drawn into their mission wondering how they did it. Sit back, relax and be blown away by never before seen aesthetic pictures. Apart from the main kitesurf images, many beautiful pictures are taken on every adventure. A perfect base for potential sponsors to get their brand involved and communicate their goals, values and vision.

The Last Line pictures that Rein takes are for sale for consumers to buy and our goal is to set up an exhibition at the release of the fourth or fifth the Last Line documentary.




These are the guys behind the video content of the project: Tom van Oijen and Kim Hoogervorst. An experienced film production team from Amsterdam, specialised in drone and helicopter shots. Tom was already a close outdoor friend of Rein, so it wasn’t a big surprise that the two would team up one day to combine their outdoor and content creating passions.

In 2020, Kiwi joined Rein and Roderick on their bigger Last Line adventures to document their mission and tell the whole story behind Rein’s pictures. Kiwi also deals with making sure the team keeps a focus on their mission, proposition and handling the post-production of every film. 


As the team has to overcome many hurdles, film is the best way to show that reaching our goal is never easy. Every mission is captured in a documentary-style film without staged elements. These documentaries are meant for the big screen and online platforms. This way we hope to inspire a substantial audience and communicate our core values.

When creating high-end content on extreme remote locations there is a fine balance between bringing just enough equipment and being lean enough to actually reach our goal. As true professionals, we always use the best gear possible to capture our shots. With the immense amount of footage captured on every mission, there is a good base for our potential sponsors to show behind-the-scenes footage through social media, giving extra insight into our missions.