At the beginning of it all, the start of this Last Line production company, there was photographer Rein Rijke and kitesurfer Roderick Pijls that made it their mission to photograph kitesurf action in some of the most pristine landscapes on the planet. Reaching those locations and getting that perfect photo leads to adventures revealing their friendship, professionalism, and personality. Their path towards almost impossible pictures and goals inevitably leads to dealing with whatever nature throws at them, showing perseverance and the exploring nature of human beings. Together with the vulnerability of nature, these characteristics are at the base of The Last Line project and the goal to energize people that follow their adventures.

With the cameras rolling non-stop, these stories are now well documented and tell a personal and motivating story behind Rein’s pictures and emphasize the message of our vulnerable planet and that it might actually be ‘the last line’. With the right mindset, the team is set to reach their goal and show people that perseverance always prevails, no matter how big the challenge.


Iceland was one of the most memorable adventures the team has been on. With the main goal of kitesurfing on a glacial lake and inside volcanic craters, the team set itself a big challenge. Finding the right spots in the harsh weather conditions was really hard. Hiking up a mountain with all the gear and waiting for the perfect weather was all part of the deal.

This adventure was captured and delivered a full-length documentary that will be shown at the Omniversum Film Theatre in Den Haag (NL), different film festivals, and online platforms. Below you can see the first trailer of what will be a 45 minute documentary. 



The goal of this mission was to kite on a toxic lake that has a temperature of 60-70 degree Celsius, a seriously dangerous task to perform. The goal of this project was to take a picture of Roderick kitesurfing on the lake that was supposed to be completely red coloured. After traveling through the African bush for many days, they found out the lake was not red due to heavy rain in the dry season. According to locals this was the first time in over 25 years and most likely due to climate change.

As the project wants to visually show the impact of climate change, this was a perfect example of that. Rein however is a perfectionist and wants to go back to try again with the red coloured lake he had in mind.

FILM: The Last Line – In search of Incredible

Kitesurfing Lake Natron Tanzania
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Kitesurfing underneath the northern lights and getting there emission-free. A goal that was set by Protest Sportswear for their GREEN UP mission. By traveling all the way from the Netherlands to Norway on a small sailboat, the team was thrown into an unprecedented adventure. After 3 days of non-stop sailing through harsh weather, the team reached Southern Norway.

After a good rest, we continued our journey by electric train and car towards our final destination, the Lofoten Islands. Night after night we drove around looking for the Northern lights. Rain, clouds, and empty electric cars were what we got. On our last night, just a few hours before heading home, clear skies revealed the beautiful coloured lights in the northern hemisphere. Unfortunately, that night there was absolutely no wind, making it impossible to kitesurf.


Protest Greenup campaign shot by Rein Rijke
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Even if Rein and Roderick are not at a far away destination they keep on pushing their boundaries for the best possible kitesurf pictures. Rein is simply always looking for the most beautiful landscapes and proves he is a master at this by even finding those impossible landscapes at his home base in the Netherlands.

The pictures below are all taken at, for most people at least, Dutch hidden locations. Under the hashtag #ReinMadeMeDoIt he regularly posts social content of these little adventures he undertakes to kill time in between the bigger international Last Line adventures. Both Rein and Roderick are just too passionate about what they do and therefore take every opportunity there is!

Kitesurfing in the Netherlands during the winter #reinmademedoit