As a partner of the Last Line, you are part of our adventure so we can make you part of our identity. Without partnerships, the Last Line wouldn’t be possible. We wouldn’t be able to go out there and create unique content that has never been made before. In return for your contribution we share our adventure, we will create exclusive content and really get you involved. We will keep you updated every step of the way from pre-production until the final content. You can get an exclusive professional photo and or video content free to use for any promotional use.

We love to tell our followers why our partners are the best but we do want to keep things real. We do this by making content that our followers believe in and because of this we mostly promote our partners by indirect communication like product placement or sponsored branding on our clothes and or equipment. It all depends on the sort of partnership, the type of brand you are, and exact wishes that determine the amount of exposure and exclusive content we will share.

Of course these are all things we are happy to talk through, to determine a mutually beneficial solution for both parties.

We ALWAYS TELL our FolLowers why we work with our partner


For the last missions, we had different kinds of partnerships, all tailored to the wishes of the partner in combination with our quest. ASUS was one of the biggest partners we had so far and they came up with a whole campaign around our mission. It was called “In search of incredible”. Check the ASUS Benelux YouTube channel to see all the content we made for them: ASUS IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE.

Next to ASUS, we have a long-lasting partnership with PROTEST Sportswear. Roderick is one of their pro surfers (see their website) and therefore PROTEST is one of Roderick’s main sponsors. On missions that are sponsored by them, we all wear their clothing and we deliver Protest unique campaign images shot by Rein Rijke on some of the most epic locations on the planet. 

On most adventures, we do need some wheels to get us around. In Norway, in the Lofoten, we got ourselves a TESLA Model X to get us everywhere without burning any fossil fuels. A perfect partnership that fits our values. In return for a free Tesla, we got them high-end drone footage of the car driving through moody landscapes and some beautiful pictures by Rein.